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Conscientious Objection in Medicine- Papers


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Card, RF Conscientious Objection and Emergency Contraception. American Journal of Bioethics 7: (2007) 8-14.

Card, RF Sex, Drugs, and the Rocky Role of Levonorgestrel. American Journal of Bioethics 7: (2007) 4-6.

Card, RF. Federal Provider Conscience Regulation: Unconscionable. Journal of Medical Ethics 35 (2009): 471-72.

Card, RF. Conscientious Objection, Emergency Contraception and Public Policy. Journal of Medicine and Philosophy 36 (2011): 53-68.

Card. RF. Is There No Alternative? Journal of Medical Ethics 38 (2012): 602-604.

Card, RF. Reasonability and Conscientious Objection in Medicine: A Reply to Marsh and an Elaboration of the Reason-Giving Requirement. Bioethics 28 (2014)

Card, RF. and K. Williams. Conscientious Objection, Institutional Conscience, and Pharmacy Practice. Journal of Pharmacy Practice 27 (2014): 174-77.

Card, RF. In Defense of Medical Tribunals and the Reasonability Standard in Conscientious Objection in Medicine. Journal of Medical Ethics 42 (2016): 73-75.

Card, RF. Reasons, Reasonability, and Establishing Conscientious Objector Status in Medicine. Journal of Medical Ethics (2017)

Card, RF. The Inevitability of Assessing Reasons in Debates about Conscientious Objection in Medicine. Cambridge Quarterly of Healthcare Ethics (2017).

Conscientious Objection in Medicine- Books
Card, RF. A New Theory of Conscientious Objection in Medicine: Justification and Reasonability (2020)

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